Sofa is the most used furniture item in a home. We design & build sofas with highest quality of wood, made with precision & considering aesthetics. We provide full customised furniture as per your choice.

Sofa so beautiful & comfortable that others envy you

Dining Table

Dining Table is a necessity in every home making it easy for homemaker, it is also a place where you share food & love with
your family.



Dining tables made for sharing food & love.


Chair is a must have for any home, it could be sofa-chairs or normal ones, but they are a must have.
A good and comfortable chair equals to happy life.


Chair in the home represents your personality.

Living Room Interior

A home is defined by the kind of living room it has. We design and build extraordinary beautiful living rooms with exclusive designs and customised furniture.


Living room is the first impression of any home.

Bedroom Interior & Decor

Having a bedroom which looks & feels good is necessary for feeling energetic and fresh. We design & build bedroom with customised furniture & designs for you.

Well designed bedroom means ultimate satisfaction.

Civil work services

We also provide all the kinds of civil work services like gate, doors, windows, safety doors etc, design & build of furniture or decor which is required to make any place look good & feel amazing at.

Furniture is at the heart of beautiful interiors.


We always import & use the highest quality of wood for the furniture building and decor work.


After taking the requirements from customer, our carpenters of more than 20 years translate the information into precise measurements before beginning of manufacturing of furniture.


We have carpenters who are working with us since 20+ years. They have experience in determining the quality of wood, taking precise measurements, cutting the wood, polishing the wood and excellence in creating the final piece of furniture.


After completing the furniture piece, we check it for any kind of incomplete work then we coat it with necessary high quality wood polishes and solutions to keep it secured from any type of natural or unnatural issues.

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